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Many of us take care of the walls and fixtures in our homes, but often miss out on timely tile repairs and replacement. Regular maintenance of your tile flooring, bathroom tiles, and kitchen tile backsplash often go unnoticed. However, the right tile flooring company in Albuquerque can add a touch of character and charm to your home like never before.

At Southwest Tiles and Flooring, we believe that every floor, backsplash, counter, and surface of your home deserves some TLC and needs to be treated with care. This is where our professional tiles work and repair services come in.

We are a leading tile installation company in Albuquerque, serving residential and commercial properties of Rio Rancho, Los Lunas, Bernalillo County, and surrounding areas. Whether you want to enhance your home’s curb appeal or its resale value, contact us to get an accurate estimate for tile flooring services. We offer an expansive range of tile designs, colors, and patterns. Our tile contractors can make your home shine and stand apart with stunning, high-quality personalized tiles!

Southwest Tiles and Flooring have been helping homes and business owners in Albuquerque to transform their flooring into art pieces. Our well-crafted tile flooring and designs allow you to revamp your space without breaking your bank account!

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Our Specialties

At Southwest Tiles and Flooring, we offer all types of tiles installation, including Mexican tiles, ceramic tiles, laminate tiles, cork tiles, natural stone tiles, brick tiles, and more. We are available for the installation of tile floors, backsplash, shower walls, tub surrounds, countertops, and more. Whether you want traditional tiling or are looking for a more modern vibe for your home, our skilled team of technicians can help you install your tiles the way you desire.

We offer both interior and exterior tiling for your home and business:

Interior Tiling

Exterior Tiling

Aside from tile installation, we also offer auxiliary services, including bathroom and kitchen remodeling, plumbing, electrical, and other handyman jobs.

Kitchen Tiles Installation

The kitchen is often the most visited place in a house. If you want to give your kitchen a personal touch, we can send a team of passionate people who know the best way to give a unique look to your kitchen. We offer unique and beautiful tiles for:

  • Kitchen flooring
  • Backsplash
  • Countertop

We provide a wide range of tiles that can fit the needs of every home and business. Just select the tiles of your choice and leave the rest to our professionals who will make sure to do a great job.

Bathroom Tiles Installation

Your bathroom is a place for rest and relaxation. However, its peeling paint and dull walls can put a damper on your mood. At Southwest Tiles and Flooring, we can help you switch up the ambiance of your bathroom by fitting them with stunning tiles that match your personality. We offer tiles for:

  • Bathroom flooring
  • Backsplash
  • Shower surrounds
  • Tub surrounds
  • Countertops

Our team of expert tillers will make sure they exceed your expectations within an affordable budget by ensuring high quality outcomes and remodeling your bathroom with the utmost care.

Bedroom Tiles Installation

Your bedroom is your safe haven and the place where you wind down after a hard day of work. Give it a gorgeous makeover by fitting stunning tiles in your bedroom. The great thing about good quality tiles is that they can last decades, unlike paint or wallpaper. At Southwest Tiles and Flooring, we believe that tiling will be the last renovation your bedroom will need. We offer bedroom tiles for:

  • Bedroom flooring
  • Bedroom walls
  • Fireplace mantel

Our team of experts can help you pick out the latest tile designs in ceramic, marble, stone, or whatever material your desire that best suits your bedroom needs. We offer quality workmanship that is second to none and can keep your home beautiful for years to come.

We Work with Different Types of Floors

Time to update the one thing that will always be there when you fall – the floor.

When it comes to the flooring of your home or office space, you would want to get it right the first time. Changing the flooring of your home is a big job and a significant investment, which is why you will need to hire professional installers who have experience in hardwood floors, Vinyl floors, Laminate floors, carpet and tiles. Luckily for you, our team of highly skilled flooring technicians can help you to completely transform your living space by choosing the perfect type of flooring that goes with your personality.

Vinyl or laminate flooring offers the kind of comfort for your feet that’s simply not possible with other harder flooring options. While there are many benefits of using vinyl flooring such as, durability, easy to clean and lower cost, you will only get to enjoy the benefits of vinyl or laminate flooring when it’s done right. This is why you need us – the experts by your side.

The type of flooring you choose should mainly depend on the amount of space and the kind of vibe you want to create. The amount of foot traffic that an area receives is another factor to consider when choosing the right type of flooring. If you are looking to update your old down-trodden flooring, but don’t know which option to go with, give us a call. Our experts will be more than happy to help you choose the right option.

Tile Installation Services in Albuquerque

Tiles are perfect for the most-walked areas of your home since they are durable and are wonderful-looking options for homeowners. Tiling your home or business is a big investment so you want to make sure the job is done right the first time. That’s why Southwest Tiles and Flooring employ the industry’s best practices to install your tiles:

Tile Repair and Replacement Services in Albuquerque

The best thing about tiles is that they are durable. However, they can crack under pressure. If you live in Albuquerque and have cracked and broken tiles, Southwest Tiles and Flooring can help you.

We will inspect your tiles to see the extent of the damage. It is possible to fix minor damage to your tiles through adhesives and epoxy. However, if the damage is large, we will help you replace your tile with another that matches it.

In addition, we also perform grout repair and replacement in case your old grout has worn away to protect the integrity of your floor, walls, and other surfaces.

At Southwest Tiling and Flooring, we believe that every inch of your home deserves perfection. That is why we offer top-quality tiling solutions for every personality, style, and space. With our tile installation services, you can add superior functionality and distinctive beauty to any room in your house, particularly your most-lived in areas.

Reach out to us to schedule an appointment and get a free estimate for your tiling needs and make your home is as unique as you!

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